Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pink Tulle Christmas Tree instructions

How I made my Pink Tulle Christmas tree!!! you will need something for the base. I used a used ribbon spool filled filled with rice, leaving the top open. I used a branch from a tree for the trunk of my tree. You could use a wooden rod if you don't have a branch available. I decorated the spool with some ribbon then I stuck the branch in the hole that is open on the top of the spool if the hole is too large and the trunk wiggles too much you can wrap anything around the trunk to make it fit better in the spool. You don't want a wiggly tree! Next you will need Tulle Color of your choice.. (Right now Hobby Lobby has all Christmas stuff on sale 50% off, so I bought one roll and that was all i needed for my tree.) Cut a piece of Tulle to measure your arms length. Fold it in half, wrap it around the trunk as if you are going to tie it in a one knot. Once tied on you will cut the folded end so you will end up having 4 pieces. Continue to tie the pieces of tulle the same as the first but moving around then base of the trunk. Continue doing this up the trunk of the tree as you get further up the trunk you will need to decrease the size of the pieces cut, going less and less. If you have some that you made too long you can trim the edges to make it look how you want. The top was a bow that I made and then tied to the top of the trunk. Then I hot glued some beads that I had, of course color choice is yours. The final touch as spraying some glitter over the tulle to give it a sparkle. Pretty easy !!!!